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Pete Shelley in-store record signing for his 1st solo LP AFTER The Buzzcocks

Bonaparte Records
New York City
November 28 or December 5 1981

notes from Stefan:
The advert I have only says This Saturday, this was in-between 2 shows I saw: 1) Heartbreakers on 11/26/81, and 2) Bongos on 12/12/81. These 3 photos were unearthed from the same roll containing the 2 aforementioned shows. The actual date is probably December 5, 1981.

In this photo, notice the 12" single on the wall above his head for Johnny Thunders "You Can't Put Your Arms "Round A Memory" and the picture disc LP for Human League "Dare" on the left side of the photo.
HP Scanjet 4370